Garage Door Spring Repair Renton WA

Garage Door Spring Repair 

It’s easy to forget all about your garage door until the squeaky rolling comes to a stop and not when you want it to. Although many things can go wrong with a garage door, broken springs are definitely a reason to pick up the phone and call for Garage Door Spring Repair Renton WA. Called “torsion springs,” these parts of your garage door mechanism create a counterbalancing system that help to raise and lower the garage door. Depending on the garage door, there may be two or even three of these springs, and they tighten or unwind as the door is closed and raised, respectively. This wind-unwind action manages the amount of tension stored in the springs, and that tension is what lifts or lowers the doors. Now you see why they are called torsion springs, right? All the twisting and turning does the trick! But what happens when you find yourself with a broken garage door spring?


Why Do Torsion Springs Break?

Springs will eventually become worn and need to be replaced, like anything else. A typical torsion spring has a life of 10K to 15K cycles, which is the process of completing unwinding and rewinding to open and close the garage door.  When this happens, you will need to call a professional for garage door spring replacement as it is very unsafe to attempt this kind of repair yourself if not trained. However, there are other factors that can end a spring’s life far before it’s time. Look at your springs and make note of what you see. If it’s just wear and tear, then you’ll only need them to be replaced. If something else is wrong, you may need help of Garage Door Spring Repair Renton WA. Various things can contribute to straining the torsion break, eventually breaking them. These include loose or poorly aligned tracks, dirty, greasy tracks, poorly lubricated hardware, or overall poor maintenance of the garage door.


Garage Door Spring Replacement? Don’t Do It Yourself !

Have a look at your garage door opener and hardware, and see if you notice any of these problems. You may find that several smaller issues put together too much stress on the springs. Call Garage Door Spring Repair Renton WA professionals right away to come out for garage door torsion spring replacement. These springs are very difficult to repair and the process is dangerous. Special skills and equipment is needed to successfully repair this part of your garage system, so we will say it again: do not attempt to perform a garage door spring replacement unless you are trained and have the resources to do so safely.


When To Call For Garage Door Spring Repair In Renton WA?

How often do you check the balance of your garage springs? There’s a simple way to do this. Manually open the garage door halfway, then release. If it bounces at all, your springs need to be repaired or replaced. Springs in good condition will keep the door entirely still, so if that’s not the case, your springs are worn and it’s time to arrange garage door spring repair. Sometimes the springs aren’t broken, but become untwisted beyond specifications, or become tangled in some way. This is also a job for our team members who are more than happy to come out to your place to have a look. You may not need to replace those springs entirely, but if your door is malfunctioning very badly, you may want to place a call to Garage Door Repair Renton WA for emergency garage door spring repair as soon as possible.


Don’t Wait. Call Us Today!

There is also the case where your springs are just rusty. All the added friction makes the spring much less effective, and that can be fixed with a simple service call. Call Garage Door Spring Repair Renton WA for repair services and one of our technicians will come by restore the springs to good working condition. You can spray the coils with WD-40 between visits to help prevent rust buildup as much as possible. Don’t wait. Call us today! We, at Garage Door Spring Repair Renton WA, are proud of our success and reputation for excellent services we have delivered in last few years. You don’t need to stress over how to repair any issue regarding your garage door while our professionals are in the house. Call us at any time and we will be glad to discuss your options and set up an appointment at your convenience.

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